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About Us

Starter Industries, the business behind the Startersoft brand, was founded over 7 years ago by a teenager with a passion for using great ideas to change the world. Great things take time.


We are a local, small town website development firm in the United States of America with big city goals. Our core focus is on developing websites that work instead of just designing pretty things and we've now been building websites since 2009! The team now includes designers, developers and sales contractors on the east coast and we're working on developing partnerships overseas.


We build most of our products from open source code with some of the latest web standards. Our development focus is on HTML and PHP running on Linux Apache web servers. Mobile responsive websites are one of the latest trends to go standard and we're on it.


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Startersoft serves clients & customers in North America. Over the next decade, the vision is to expand overseas to bring great American product development to foreign partners in the UK, Asia & South America.



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